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Province Event Name Program Hosting City Tentative Program Date
Province 7 Digital Sudurpashchim Samvad Dhangadi 23rd May, 2022 (2079 Jestha 9)
Province 6 Digital Karnali Samvad Surkhet 26th May, 2022 (2079 Jestha 12)
Province 5 Digital Lumbini Samvad Butwal 6th April, 2022 (2078 Chaitra 23)
Province 4 Digital Gandaki Samvad Pokhara 1st April, 2022 (2078 Chaitra 18)
Province 3 Digital Bagmati Samvad Chitwan 30th May, 2022 (2079 Jestha 16)
Province 2 Digital Madhesh Samvad Birgunj 10th April, 2022 (2078 Chaitra 27)
Province 1 Digital Province 1 Samvad Biratnagar 14th April, 2022 (2079 Baisakh 2)

Digital Samvad, an open round table incepted during the first wave of COVID-19 in March 2020, manifests its genesis to serve the need for dialogue and discourse for greater digitalization and transformation of Digital Nepal. Digital Samvad 3.0 is the succession of its previous successful events of 1.0 and 2.0 series where “Digital Nepal Conclave 2022” will join as a new and grand concluding initiative.  It is scheduled to be hosted in each of Nepal’s seven provinces, with the Grand Conference “Digital Nepal Conclave 2022” taking place in 18 & 19 June, 2022 to help facilitate the Digital Nepal 2019 Framework.

The Digital Samvad enshrines the onboarding of differing practices, practitioners, professionals, champions, and thought leaders to a common platform for samvad. The Digital Samvad aims to evolve as a discourse on the issues of transformational digital society and creating an empowered ICT sector in Nepal. It will strive to engage with the key stakeholders in conversation, draw insights, and chart way ahead to ‘turn the sparks into an opportunity to reshape the digital future’.

This year, Samvad will be held in each of the country’s seven provinces, with active participation from local governments and residents in each area where the Samvad is intended to address information and technology-related challenges in the local, private, and governmental sectors, collaborating with local governments and officials, and the public participating physically and virtually.

Thus, the Digital Samvad and Digital Conclave sessions will  incorporate the themes, ideas, and technologies with the expected outcome in order to:

  • Assist the government in policy formulation while rolling out the Eight Sectors identified by the Digital Nepal Framework 2019.
  • Promote the emerging ICT technologies and discuss issues confronting them.
  • Connect the actors and the stakeholders at the local, provincial, and federal levels from the public, policy, and private sectors for addressing the issues associated with digital transformation.

The following activities will be part of Digital Samvad 3.0, a high-level discussion forum that will be organized in collaboration with the local government:

Program Structure:

Program Title:
Digital Samvad 3.0 – Pre Event of Digital Nepal Conclave 2022

Area Coverage:
All 7 provinces (in 1 district in each province)

Number of Participants:
200 in each program physically and 500 plus virtually

Target Participants:
Provincial minister and Chief minister, Municipality Mayor and IT coordinators, other government officials, private sector stakeholders and organization representatives, entrepreneurs, academicians and local people/experts.

Domain experts from Province Government, Local Government, Experts and Private Sectors

Digital Nepal Conclave 2022

An initiative to incline all the concerned actors and stakeholders towards the vision of Digital Nepal.

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