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Digital Pradesh Samvad 4.0 has been concluded in all Seven Provinces.

A Pre-event series of Digital Nepal Conclave 2023 has been successfully concluded in the country’s seven provinces. The two-day event “Digital Nepal Conclave 2023” is happening on June 23-24, 2023.

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Glimpses of Pradesh Events

Digital Conclave 2023

Digital Conclave 2023 is an event initiative to incline all the concerned actors and stakeholders towards the vision of Digital Nepal after the success of Digital Nepal Conclave 2022. It acts as an event to be conducted with the aim to discuss and draft a conclusion towards digitizing Nepal, with the participation of concerned people and parties. The participating panelists range from, but not limited to, ministers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians.
Support us in our mission towards Digital Nepal.

Support us in our mission towards Digital Nepal

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Digital Samvad 1.0
During COVID-19

Digital Samvad 2.0
After COVID-19

Digital Samvad 3.0
Samvad in all 7 pradesh


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