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Province Event Name Program Hosting City Tentative Program Date
Koshi Province Digital Koshi Samvad Biratnagar 4th Baishakh 2080 (17th April 2023)
Madhesh Province Digital Madhesh Samvad Janakpur 6th Baishakh 2080 (19th April 2023)
Bagmati Province Digital Bagmati Samvad Hetauda 21st Baishakh 2080 (4th May 2023)
Lumbini Province Digital Lumbini Samvad Butwal 29th Baishakh 2080 (12th May 2023)
Karnali Province Digital Karnali Samvad Surkhet 27th Baishakh 2080 (10th May 2023)
Sudurpashchim Province Digital Sudurpashchim Samvad Dhangadi 25th Baishakh 2080 (8th May 2023)
Gandaki Province Digital Gandaki Samvad Pokhara 8th Jestha 2080 (22nd May 2023)

Following the success of the last three seasons of Digital Samvad, our team had come up with a fresh idea to begin the “Digital Pradesh Samvad ” in 2022. With the aim of collaborating with the local governments and officials with the public participating physically and virtually ,the samvad will be hosted in all seven provinces of the country with active participation from local governments and residents in each area where the Samvad is intended to address Information and technology-related challenges in local, private, and governmental sectors this year too.


  • Digital Pradesh Samvad 4.0  is a high-level discussion forum that will be hosted collaboratively with the local government, consisting of following activities:
  • One/two key presentation “Samvad sandarbha regarding the topic High-level Panel discussion regarding the topic
  • Core discussion and focus for Result
  • Participants closely discussed with experts and policy makers
  • Potential views of the domain experts
  • Report submission after events for planning and implementation.

The Digital Pradesh Samvad occurred in all seven provinces. We conducted it in appropriate public facilities, such as hotels or meeting halls in each province. Each edition of the show lasted between two and three hours. Few events were extended given the subject being debated in the samvad necessitated it. The entire samvad session was recorded and streamed live on various social and video-sharing platforms. The recorded session was also broadcast on several national television channels.


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