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Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellowship Program 2023

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The world is experiencing a rapid digital transformation, and Nepal is no exception. As a developing country with a population of over 29 million people, Nepal faces significant challenges in building its digital capability landscape. To address this challenge, ICT Foundation Nepal (IFN) proposes a series of initiatives at the local, provincial, federal, and regional levels of research, mass campaigns, lobbying, advocacy, and capacity enhancement.

ICT Foundation Nepal is planning to conduct action research on the capabilities of ICT uses and will publish it as a Provincial Digital Status Book (Pradesh Paridrishya) in the Digital Nepal Conclave 2023. This research will review the capabilities of the actors and stakeholders. It will map the impacts of digital transitions in society, e-governance, and ICTs services in the governance, projects, policies, and future planning of local and provincial governments to deliver digital transformation.  The fellows are expected to work with a team to gather information, process data and develop the necessary knowledge base with ICT and digital stakeholders in Nepal.

To facilitate these different initiatives at these levels and steer the process, ICT Foundation Nepal (IFN) calls for Digital Samvad Fellows. The Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellowship program aims to select one youth in every province in Nepal as the Digital Samvad Fellow. The selected fellow will conduct action research on the digital capabilities of their communities, organize digital dialogues in their municipalities and at the province level, and contribute to the Digital Nepal Conclave.

This fellowship aims to empower young people with digital skills to bring about positive change in their communities. They will be engaged in different activities implemented by IFN to  become active agents of change and champion digital transformation in their locality, province, or region. The selected fellows will lead, represent, and support the different initiatives implemented and executed by IFN in their geographical region. They will also be a point of contact and assist IFN in implementing these programs in their region and at the national level.



The objectives of the Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellowship program are to:

  1. Select preferably one youth in every province to be the Digital Samvad Fellow and empower them to champion digital transformation in their communities.
  2. To mentor the Digital Samvad Fellow to conduct action research on the digital capabilities of their communities, municipalities, and provincial and identify the key actors, areas, and stakeholders where digital technologies can bring about positive change.
  3. To train and engage the selected youth and create a network of young digital leaders, enabling them to organize, steer and lead the following IFN Programs in their region:
  4. Digital (Pradesh) Samvad 4.0
  5. My Digital Nepal! My Imagination !! Champaign 2023
  6. Digital Nepal Conclave 2023
  7. Provincial Startup & Idea Fest 2023 (Pradesh-level pre-event for ICT Award 2023)


Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellows:

The Digital Samvad Fellowship is looking for young champions based in their community to lead the digital transformation within their community. They are expected to facilitate various  initiatives designed to implement research and dialogue with the top leaders in their community.

The Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellows must be current university students or professionals in Nepal. Applicants interested in becoming Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellows should be able to dedicate 5-10 hours per week to the program for the duration of one year (during their fellowship period). Successful applicants must be a person with passion and commitment and excellent communication and execution skills. S/he must be updated on the latest ICT innovations at their local, provincial, and global level and willing to be connected with all spectrums of Digital initiatives and ICT startups, and key champions and stakeholders in the region. S/he should be:

  1. Self-motivation to complete programs and initiatives with limited or no oversight
  2. Alignment with Digital programs and ICT startups in Nepal
  3. Ability and ambition to manage multiple events parallelly.
  4.  Looking to develop their own skill sets to become better advocates of digital transformation in their region.
  5.  Passion to share the ideas of the lCT sector and identify potential talent.

The Selected Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellow MUST :

  1. Have a real interest in being a Tech enthusiast ;
  2. Have identified the careers paths they want to pursue;
  3. Are interested in studying leadership, IT, and entrepreneurship;
  4. Are truly committed to their personal and professional development.



The Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellowship program will involve the following activities:

  1. Selection of fellows: The program will be advertised through social media platforms, local youth groups, and universities. Interested candidates will be required to submit an application outlining their motivation to join the program. One youth from each province will be selected based on their qualifications and experience.
  2. Orientation and Introduction: Selected fellows will undergo an introduction and orientation session conducted by IFN.
  3. Action research: The selected Fellows will conduct action research on the digital capabilities of their communities.
  4. Digital Samvad: Fellows will lead and help organize the Digital (Pradesh) Samvad 4.0 in their municipalities and at the province level. These dialogues will involve community members, local leaders, and representatives from the government and the private sector.
  5. Digital Nepal Conclave: The selected Fellows will participate and contribute to organizing the Digital Nepal Conclave, an annual event that brings together experts, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss and shape the future of Nepal’s digital landscape.



The Digital Samvad 4.0 Fellowship program is a unique opportunity for young people in Nepal to utilize their digital skills to bring about positive change in their communities. By conducting action research and organizing Digital Samvad, and participating in the Digital Nepal Conclave, the fellows will be able to raise awareness about the potential of digital technologies to bring about positive change in Nepal. They will get an opportunity to develop as a leader while building an ICT future within the largest community dedicated to the ICT sector in Nepal.


  1. Complete the Application
  2. IFN will contact you if you’re selected
  3. Those who are accepted to the fellowship program will be required to complete our online interview.

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