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Digital Samvad, an open round table incepted during the first wave of COVID-19 in March 2020, manifests its genesis to serve the need for dialogue and discourse for greater digitalization and transformation of Digital Nepal. Digital Samvad 3.0 is the succession of its previous successful events of 1.0 and 2.0 series where “Digital Nepal Conclave 2022” will join as a new and grand concluding initiative.  It is scheduled to be hosted in each of Nepal’s seven provinces, with the Grand Conference “Digital Nepal Conclave 2022” taking place in 18 & 19 June, 2022 to help facilitate the Digital Nepal 2019 Framework.

This year, a grand closing event named “ “Digital Nepal Conclave 2022” will be hosted in Kathmandu, consisting of keynote speeches from various renowned experts and panel discussions with subtopic experts, followed by public opinions and feedback, maintaining the same dignity as previous years’ digital samvad seasons.

This conclave is a grand conference which will be conducted every year as the culmination of the Digital Samvad Initiative. This is the first of several projects that will be implemented this year and in the coming years.

Digital Nepal Conclave 2022 is an initiative to incline all the concerned actors and stakeholders towards the vision of Digital Nepal. The participating panelists range from, but not limited to, ministers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians. The discussion topics are inclined towards Digital Transformation including the sub topics based on FinTech, Digital Health, Agriculture, Education and Cyber Security and will be organized with the inclusion of people ranging from private and public sector IT professionals, academicians, ministers and members of higher government authorities.

Event Highlights

The event will consist of an official opening followed by opening remarks by panelists and their collective panel discussion on transforming Nepal towards a digital path. The conclusion ends with a collective result that comes out as a drafted policy that needs to be implemented in order to fulfill the goal of digital Nepal.

Event Type

Physical event with the inclusion of over 600 participants.

The Soaltee Kathmandu, Tahachal, Kathmandu

18 & 19 June, 2022 (2079 Asadh 4 and 5)

Thus, the Digital Samvad and Digital Conclave sessions will  incorporate the themes, ideas, and technologies with the expected outcome in order to:

  • Assist the government in policy formulation while rolling out the Eight Sectors identified by the Digital Nepal Framework 2019.
  • Promote the emerging ICT technologies and discuss issues confronting them.
  • Connect the actors and the stakeholders at the local, provincial, and federal levels from the public, policy, and private sectors for addressing the issues associated with digital transformation.

Digital Province Samvad

A Pre-event series of  Digital Nepal Conclave 2022 concluded in the country’s seven provinces.

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